TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

holy fuck! so how did the penguins taste?????

this is the cutest video in the entire world. this seal is just so afraid for this dumb weird baby she thinks she’s found out in the ocean. have a bird. have another bird. no, see, eat the bird! the bird is food! why won’t this stupid baby eat. open your mouth you idiot baby i will feed you bird if it’s the last thing i do

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lucid blog

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5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (the album)

Track 16: Voodoo Doll

5sos minimalist posters

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But, I don’t wanna be a Taco

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Badgley Mischka Pre-Fall 2014

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Why do people act like being a vampire is so fucking great. You can’t eat garlic bread so what’s the point

Okay first of all fuck garlic bread

What the fuck. What thef. Uck. You come on here, you come into my house, you take a shit on my post you shit on garlic bread, you shit on everything I stand for, on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding… .

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Two funny things

1. She has game. Like A LOT!!!

2. In the show he was literally the technology expert…


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